Welcome to your new campaign!

Will you be a part of this exciting adventure? Just because there are seven known types of vampire doesn’t mean they’re aren’t 14 ways to kill ’em, (fire helps)

What happens when you use a teleport spell to cross an interstellar distance, is it really instantaneous or was it just no time for you because of relativity? What kinds of magic work in deep space?

Let’s combine the anime/manga goodness of FairyTail and Bleach with the witty repartee of Firefly, the economics of Cowboy BeBop, whole societies that live oblivious to the outer mess and maintain Tolkein like stasis for thousands of years. So get your laser sword, feed the dragons, and ride your magic carpet to the starport because we have a launch window and the Gods of the Deep Black don’t care if you get messed up in their transdimensional wake, so just surf it.

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